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Wed Mar 8 13:45:58 EST 2006

The short answer: Pipmak uses a 3D type of engine and Revolution is a  
2D linear program.

The long answer: Pipmak does not support heavy interaction from the  
user (just click and turn) and Revolution provides all kinds of  
interaction. Revolution is what you would use to build an application  
with full user interaction and cross platform usage. Now you have a  
couple of choices in getting 3D into Rev a 2D app.
1. Hire someone to write an external for Pipmak 3D for use within  
Rev. (expensive, time consuming)
2. Use existing 3D capable programs that already interact with Rev.
	Quicktime, Quicktime VR
	altBrowser (web based 3D should work since AJAX, and Flash) might  
work with other plugins?
3. Use existing 2D capabilities in Rev and fake it.
	Page based movement (old Myst style) don't stick to just four  
directions, why not do eight directions for more movement
	Quicktime (image and movies)
	Flat Panorama Images use Rev to scroll left right up and down within  
the image

What Rev gives you in control in my opinion makes up for what it  
lacks in 3D, however I know a lot of people would love 3D  
capabilities in Revolution and would certainly pay for that ability.


On Mar 8, 2006, at 8:36 AM, Liam Shannon wrote:

> But, I am still jonesing for the ability to create a 360 degree  
> panoramic experience (like the later Myst games) and yet the folks  
> at Revolution have informed me that Revolution can only create the  
> kind of experience presented in the original Myst - ie. face  
> forward, want to look left then click left and dissolve to another  
> straight on image of what is on the left. To get beyond this they  
> suggest Quicktime VR but I must admit I find Quicktime VR to be  
> very jumpy, limited, and somewhat unreal feeling and I would much  
> prefer the kind of feeling one gets in the Pipmak demo (http:// 
> So here (at long last) is the question. Why can't one achieve the  
> same effect as Pipmak in Revolution?

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