Revolution vs Visual Basic

Haitham Abdulla haitham1981 at
Mon Mar 6 01:43:35 EST 2006


May I take few minutes please?

When Revolution with some programming languages such as C++ and Java, it is
clear that designing and creating applications (or whatever) using
Revolution is much easier than those programming languages. But what is your
opinion when comparing it with Visual Basic .NET or Visual Basic 2005

Visual Basic .NET has many features similar to those in Revolution. It is
very easy to design forms and interfaces. There are many components that you
can drag and drop into your forms. VB .NET has a very clear and readable
syntax. It has strong debugging tools. And much more.

Question (1):

Are there some strong features in Revolution that could make it better than
VB .NET. Would you please list the features for me?

Question (2):

VB .NET has some great built-in components and I want to ask whether
Revolution has them. Some of those components are:

a.      Font Dialog Box

b.     Color Dialog Box

c.     Save Dialog Box

d.     Print Dialog Box

Question (3):

VB .NET has the Tree Component which makes you able to build something
similar to the trees of folders and files in Windows Explorer. It is very
easy to use and you can expand and add items into the tree dynamically. Is
there something similar in Revolution? Is it easy to do such thing?

Question (4):

We can build easily a Tool Bar in VB .NET and add icons in the Tool Bar. We
can also easily draw pictures for the icons within VB .NET or we can attach
any saved pictures to the icons.

Is there something similar in Revolution? Is it easy to do so?

Question (5):

We, as programmers, used to use some techniques and algorithms in our
programs. Sometimes we need to use Stacks, Queues, Hash Tables,
Dictionaries, etc. All these objects, or most of them, are built in VB .NET
and we can use them easily.

Does Revolution have these objects?

Or can we define or create something similar?

Question (6):

When we want to produce the program (or application) that is created by
Revolution, we can produce it as EXE file (in windows). But what if we need
to make some kind of Installation or Setup? Can we do it?

What about if the users want to uninstall our program (or software)? Can

Sorry for bothering


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