Scrollbar to drag through a movie?

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Wed Mar 8 09:52:56 EST 2006

Klaus Major wrote:

>Hi Jim,
>>  Klaus,
>>  Sorry to be so dense about this, but I presume that the "QT 
>>  controller" must first be loaded into RR for it to appear in the 
>>  inspector. That's what I don't get: How do I load the controller 
>>  into RR?
>That's just an option for a (QT) player object, just like the 
>controller bar in the QuickTime Player!
>Create a player and check "Controller" on the "Basic Properties" tab 
>of the inspector, that's all.
>It's not magic, ladies and gentlemen :-)


It's always magic the first time!

There is a considerable lag if one uses one's own scroll bar verses 
the scroll bar built into the controller using the handler:

on scrollbardrag tNew
   set the currenttime of player "myPlayer" to tNew
end scrollbardrag

I couldn't find the messages described in the documentation under "player" i.e.

"To see a list of messages that can be sent to a player as a result 
of user actions or internal Revolution events, open the "Transcript 
Language Dictionary" page of the main Documentation window, and 
choose "Player Messages" from the Show menu at the top. To see a list 
of all the properties a player can have, choose "Player Properties" 
from the Show menu." (RR 2.6.1)

>>  I spoke to Mark Waddingham at Monterey about this screen refresh 
>>  problem in Mac OS X and he said (I think) that he was going to fix 
>>  it. Maybe I should remind him.
>That is supposed to get fixed in 2.7.1 (or already 2.7).

That is good news. I'll wait for 2.7.1. (I thought you said it was 
not fixed in 2.7) The grass is always greener on the other side of 
the current version.

Thanks for your help.


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