In-line Fraction with Horizontal Line

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>Fellow list members, I have a problem for which I can only find 
>difficult or unsatisfactory solutions, and I was hoping you might 
>have some suggestions.
>I am making a stack to teach students math -- linear equations, to be 
>more precise.  When I display the y = mx + b form, the best I can do 
>to show a fraction in the m position is something like y = 4/5x + 2.  
>This is ambiguous because it isn't clear what should be taken as the 
>divisor, 5 or 5x or 5x + 2.  The math teacher for whom I am making 
>the game would prefer a horizontal division line instead of a slash.
>So far this is what I've thought of and rejected:
>Use fonts that have fractions built in as one character.  No, because 
>they have too few for the range of possible slopes I want to generate.
>Force the numerals around as subscripts and superscripts until it is 
>clear what the fraction is.  Messy and probably won't lead to success.
>Use inline images.  Need too many images to cover possible slopes.
>Write it y = (4/5)x + 2.  This is mathematically acceptable, but not 
>the way the students will see it elsewhere.
>Use a different 2-line field that moves according to the location of 
>the fraction.  Hmm.. maybe.
>I could use some help on this one.
>	TIA,
>		Mark


This won't help you with this question but  the math teacher might be 
interested in SupAndSub.rev

It facilitates typing equations.

In the message box:

go url ""

To answer your question, I guess I would  try using separate fields 
for the num and dem of the fraction with a graphic line in between. I 
presume the slope is always represented by the fraction?


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