Thomas McCarthy tominjapan at
Fri Mar 3 07:20:55 EST 2006

Last summer I wrote a message airing publicly my complaints about this product. It was a bit of vitrol after frustrating attempts to get it to work (yes, I had read the manuals!)

I shot off an angry letter to the Altuit team about what I found as shortcommings:
1. the demo on the site was not the latest (bug-free) version
2. the obvious pit-fall (which even Dan Shafer fell into)--not ensuring the plug-in was installed was not properly covered.
3. the demo stack tried to cram every type of function onto one card making it rather daunting to a newbie.

Well, somebody over there was listening! Each and every one of those concerns has been so well addressed you wouldn't know it was the same product that caused me heart-burn.

Downloading and installing is a breeze, updating couldn't be easier and the demo stack gracefully guides you through the features. Bravo!

BTW. I decided to take a look at AltBrowser again after happening across AltFont (which similarly is a joy to install). AltFont is an answer to a lot of my dreams. I need some special characters which unicode can do, but rev doesn't handle unicode very well. AltFont will enable me to use the special fonts I already have and I can kiss unicode good-bye for now! Was this announced on the list? I don't recall seeing it.


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