DRM for Images and Text in Stacks

Wouter wouter.abraham at scarlet.be
Tue Mar 7 08:50:09 EST 2006

Hi Sivakatirswami,

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> Insights anyone?

A possibility to "protect" your images is to encrypt them using  a  
blowfish or another algo (included in the enterprise version) and put  
the result into fields or custom props (or whatever container of your  
choice). The code to deencrypt this pictures and place them in their  
respective image containers is kept in the password protected stack.
The necessary key to deencrypt when loading a encrypted pict stack:
   - may be "burried" somewhere in the stack (or somewhere else)
   - must be supplied (dialog box or internet connection)
The last system will need the most time to crack.
So there is no real need for a special plugin.

> Sivakatirswami


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