Correct syntax fpr appending data

Ben Bock benbock at
Mon Mar 6 13:47:17 EST 2006

What is the correct syntax for Rev to append data to the next line in a text file?

I have a quiz in a standalone, and when the participant finishes, the file needs to save.  the next particpant's scores should go on the next line.  I use a button at the end of the quiz:

on mouseUp

set itemDelimiter to tab

put fld "quiz_item1" into item 1 of line 1 of field "data field" of stack "data sample"

put fld "quiz_item2" into item 2 of line 1 of field "data field" of stack "data sample"

put fld "data field " into url "file:test data.txt"

get url "file:test data.txt" 

put it into fld "sample field that proves to me something is going to the test data file"

save url "file:test data.txt"

end mouseUp

1) So how do I get the next person's data to enter the next line and save, without over writing the previous person's data?

2) Do you see flaws in this approach?

My frustration with the Rev docs disappears when I use this support forum.  Thanks, as always, for the help.  


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