The End of Dreamcard?

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Mar 6 12:50:55 EST 2006

Tom wrote:


>As far as rewards go, I made a promise to myself years back (after a 
>bit of youthful trouble) that in my new life I would learn something 
>new everyday and have been doing so for 20 years now. The new things 
>that I learn everyday from using HC, SC and now Rev have been part 
>of my rewards. Also, some of the opportunities that this knowledge 
>has opened up for me have been my rewards. Lastly, the monetary 
>rewards although small definitely make it worthwhile.
>Maybe it is the possibility of future rewards that keeps me riding 
>this wave. I love the learning part and hope I always will.

Hi Tom,

I know the foregoing comment is mean to be supportive, but I'm afraid 
it has the opposite effect. Learning something new every day, at 
minimum, is a value we both share. On the other hand, if I learn 
something new today, something new about how to program a computer is 
going to be low on my priority list. I'd prefer to learn something 
new about literature, art, music, history, current affairs, science, 
my profession, a new physical recreation, a hiking trip, making a new 
friend, etc. Constantly climbing the computer learning curve 
interferes with pursuing those interests I value more.



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