spit out on change

Christian Langers christian.langers at education.lu
Sun Mar 5 16:25:50 EST 2006

Hello all,

I have a project where the standalone spits all important components  
(here images) out to the disk every time it starts up.

Now I wanted to speed up the startup of my app. So I think that the  
important components will only be spitted out at the first run.

The problem is that I want the app to be safe (I do not want that an  
important and necessary component will be inadvertently deleted or  
changed), as children and non computer geeks will work with it. So,  
for the moment the app spits out the components at startup and  
deletes them when quitting.

But I want to change this procedure : the app should only spit out  
components if there had been changes in the component folders...

What methods should I use : checking timestamp of the folders on  
disk ?(how does one do that ?) Checking the number of files in  
folders ? ...

If anyone had an idea about this, I would be thankful to read about  
it ;-)


from Luxembourg

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