Locking Messages

Rob Cozens rcozens at pon.net
Sun Mar 5 12:19:50 EST 2006


> The thing is a
> card may have a handler in it that is triggered, that refers to an 
> object on
> another card.  Because it has been seperated from the rest of the 
> stack, it
> can't find that object and it causes errors.  Once it is inserted into 
> the
> new stack it should stop causing errors, but until then I need to lock 
> the
> messages to the stack holding the card so it doesn't trigger anything. 
>  I
> can't really predict what handlers will be triggered, or what the 
> errors are
> going to be so I can't just intercept them beforehand.  Any ideas

1. Isn't it possible to isolate the line in Stack 1's handler where 
this occurs and lock/unlock messages before/after that line?


on createStackForNetwork stack3CardId
    lock messages
    copy card id stack3CardId of stack "Stack 3" to stack "Stack 2"
    unlock messages
end createStackForNetwork

2.  I'm still having trouble understanding why you can't predict when 
and what will happen if Stacks 1, 2, & 3 are your creations.   Only a 
limited number of messages might trigger Stack 3 card handlers when the 
card is copied to Stack 2: newCard, preOpenCard, openCard, and 
closeCard.   If you step through the handler in the debugger with the 
Message Watcher open, you should be able to determine the line(s) that 
trigger the problem.

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