The End of Dreamcard?

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at
Sat Mar 4 15:58:42 EST 2006

I have no inside info on this, so I'm more or less guessing but here's my

Dreamcard was a "crippled Rev." It straddled the lines of an inventive user
and a professional developer but the lines were blurred and the audiences
and messages so different that it created as much confusion as it did
anything else.

So RR decided to replace DC with two paths. If you want the power of Rev,
buy Rev. (My guess -- and I reiterate my caveat -- is that they'll make this
upgrade very attractive from a price standpoint because they have nothing to
gain by driving away DC users who are basically happy). The alternate path
is you want to use a Rev product that's more like the old HC and somewhat
like multimedia authoring tools, so you buy Media at a much lower price
point but you limit yourself to certain types of apps.

I think the company has created a bit of a difficult-to-decode message on
the main rev media page because of this statement: "*Revolution
Media's*simplicity makes it ideal for creating software utilities
quickly and
easily. You can conceptualize a project or solution, but what is the
fastest, most productive way to turn your ideas into software? Its *Revolution
Media*." That makes it sound like Media will include the full Transcript
language, which then begs the question of the real differences between the
products. Then on the detail  page there's this somewhat confusing tidbit:

"Use Revolution, the English like, built-in language, to add the *step by
step logic *of your concept to your creation." I suspect -- but again my
caveat -- that this is just a mistake, that the language is called
Transcript, not Revolution (which would be devilishly confusing, no?).

In the end, the important thing I think is that DC users now have to decide
whether they are fish or fowl and head down the path that suits them best.
Probably not a bad move for the company; Media sounds like a truly
consumer-appealing product.

On 3/4/06, Andre Garzia <soapdog at> wrote:
> On Mar 4, 2006, at 5:31 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> > Which multimedia authoring tool had a scripting language and premiered
> > at the Boston expo the year before HC was released?
> Was it Director known as VideoWorks first??? did I won? Gee, I was
> only seven years old! :-D
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