Is style a kind of font ?

Klaus Major klaus at
Sat Mar 4 15:58:41 EST 2006

Hi Jerry,

> Klaus Major wrote:
>> I, personally, consider this a bug!
>> From the docs about "textfont":
>> If the chunk contains more than one font, the chunk's textFont  
>> property reports "mixed".
>> But even if the textfont is identical and only the styles are  
>> "mixed" I get
>> put the textfont of line 1 of fld 1 -> "mixed
>> Or am I missing something obvious?
> Technically, every size, style, and weight of a typeface is  
> different "font". Arial Bold is a different font from just plain  
> Arial. In CSS, note that the font selection is for font-family  
> (like, all the the Arials), font-size, font-stretch, font-style,  
> font-variant, and font-weight. So, if you have the same family  
> (Arial), but several styles (bold for a few characters, bold-italic  
> for the rest), you will have a "mixed" property report.

aha, thank you for the clarification :-)

> ---- Jerry Muelver


Klaus Major
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