on Windows parts of text printed repeatedly instead of once

André.Bisseret Andre.Bisseret at inria.fr
Sat Mar 4 08:22:10 EST 2006

Hi !
In the app. I am developping, each card includes several fields 
(author, title,  texte, références). In a printing procedure I wrote a 
function (formatfldToPrint) that picks the texts of these fields (with 
their htmlText) and arranges them as a single document in a hidden 
field « fldToPrint » (not all with the same font and size).

Thanks to the Dan Schafer’ SmartEBook on printing I have improved my 
first draft and the following script is working very well now on Mac :

  on imprimer
   set the cursor to watch
   set the printmargins to 72,25,25,50
   revShowPrintDialog true,true
   put tab & "Page " & "<%pageNumber%>"  into footer
   revPrintText (the htmlText of fld "fldToPrint"),,footer
   reset cursors
end imprimer

But I got problems when testing on Windows. I hope I will solve several 
of them thanks to insights I collected on the Mail Archive, but I did 
not find anything on the following problem :

For a document that is printed on 2 pages with Mac, I get 7 pages with 
Windows. With Windows, the text is repeated something like 5 times.

Not sure I will be enough clear because it is difficult to explain 
(especially with my english, not really fluent :-((, but well, I am 
doing my best :-))

On the first two pages, the text is printed only up to a certain line 
(near the end of the text) then, reprinted, but starting from a certain 
line in the middle of the text up to the end, then, again, reprinted 
from another line in the middle of the text up to the end, etc (4 

Moreover, on the first page, last line is crunched and on the second 
page the first one is also crunched ; it is the same line (same 
content) that appears as if it has been cut in two slices( in length), 
the upper slice printed at the bottom of page one (juste before the 
footer) the inferior slice printed at the top of page 2.
This slicing does not appear again on the following pages (3 to 7) that 
begin and end normally.

I cant imagine why such repetitions are occuring ??

I would much appreciate if someone could help me understand this 
phenomenon ? (and of course better along with a suggested solution :-).

Best regards from Grenoble

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