First color, second color third color, etc

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto revolution at
Fri Mar 3 18:07:37 EST 2006

At 7:19 AM -0500 3/3/2006, Stgoldberg at wrote:
>I have been puzzled by the color feature in the object inspector for some of
>the objects (e.g. images) which list the options of "First color, second
>color, third color etc." What does this do?   If I check off a color, nothing
>happens and the option disappears on leaving the object inspector.   Perhaps
>someone can clarify this.   Thanks.

The short answer is that for images, the foregroundColor (aka 
firstColor), backgroundColor (aka secondColor), and the other six 
colors aren't especially useful and should probably be ignored. (They 
are the first eight colors in the image's color palette, and may very 
well not be used *in* the image to begin with.)
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