Truncating text with vGrid property

Mark Schonewille europe at
Fri Mar 3 18:07:19 EST 2006

Hi John,

Have you set the cell editing of the table to true? I.e. 
cRevTable["celledit"] = true? If so, the text should be truncated.



Jon Seymour wrote:
> The Rev documentation states that
> If the  vgrid property is true, Revolution draws a vertical line at  
> each tab stop position in the field. The lines are drawn in the  field's 
> borderColor. This property is useful for fields that are used  like a 
> spreadsheet, with each tab stop marking a column.

  Specifically, the
> text is NOT truncated, but simply continues to be  rendered in addition 
> to (overalpping) the text in the adjacent  columns, creating an 
> extremely messy presentation. Does anyone have  any thoughts on how to 
> produce the documented behavior?
> Thanks,
> Jon


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