Importing and export text with foreign accents

Charles Hartman charles.hartman at
Fri Mar 3 12:11:30 EST 2006

Is this really true? My impression is that characters >128 are  
different in the "ASCII" character sets on Mac and Windows.


On Mar 3, 2006, at 12:08 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Derek,
> Even if you are using diacritics, as they are called, there is no  
> reason to use unicode. Only if the text you are exporting contains  
> Arabic, Polish, Bulgarian etc characters, which are not in the  
> ASCII character set, you might need to use unicode.
> Does your text contain characters that are not in the ASCII  
> character set? If you are exporting as XML, you may have to use the  
> htmlText instead of plain text.
> Best,
> Mark
> Derek Larsen wrote:
>> I'm having a little trouble importing a tab deliminted text file
>> (saved from excel), having rev organize it, then saving it out as an
>> xml file.
>> The import and text manipulation works just fine, but when it comes
>> time to export the data out to text files, all the foreign characters
>> (accents, umlauts, etc,) get converted to squares or questions marks.
>> Initially I tried straight open, write, and close file statements.
>> Then I tried unicodeText and uniEncode/uniDecode statements and it's
>> still a no go.
>> Is there a tech sheet somewhere that's explains more about how runrev
>> deals with special characters?
>> Any insight would be appreciated!
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