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Yves COPPE yvescoppe at skynet.be
Fri Mar 3 03:06:23 EST 2006

Le 3 mars 06 à 09:00, Joseba Aguayo a écrit :

> Hello:
> ¿Exists in Revolution an order similar to the Extract Rinaldi XCMD?
> ¿Is possible to extract one or two items (item 3 to 4) of a list  
> separate with tabs.
> Thanks.
> Un saludo

I've a function which do the same in transcript :

Filedname = the name of the fld or the variable with the data
pItemNumber = the item(s) to be extracted
delim = the item delimiter

function extractItem pFieldName, pItemNumber,delim
   local tempLine, tempItem,vListofItems,vListToReturn
   put itemDelimiter into oldDelim
   replace comma with delim in pItemNumber
   set itemDelimiter to delim
   repeat for each line tempLine in pFieldName
     put empty into vListofItems
     repeat for each item tempItem in pItemNumber
       put item tempItem of tempLine &delim after vListofItems
     end repeat
     delete last char of vListofItems
     put vListofItems& return after vListToReturn
   end repeat
   set itemDelimiter to oldDelim
   if the number of lines of vListToReturn > 1 then
     delete last char of vListToReturn
   end if
   return vListToReturn
end extractItem


yvescoppe at skynet.be

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