someone tested "lock error dialogs" in 2.7.5?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Dec 28 14:41:48 EST 2006

Hi Andre,

You're right, either locking error dialogs no longer works or there  
is something very confusing about this. The documentation about the  
errorDialog message says:

If the lockErrorDialogs property is true, the errorDialog message is  
sent to the object that set the lockErrorDialogs., rather than to the  
object whose script contained the error. (The lockErrorDialogs can be  
set to true either by setting the property directly, or with the lock  
error dialogs command.)

while the entry on lock error dialogs says:

Sets the lockErrorDialogs property to true, preventing the error  
window from being displayed when an execution error occurs.

In any case, if you trap the errorDialog message and don't pass it  
on, you can prevent Rev's error dialog from popping up.

Btw, you could also try the errorLib library, which is available from  
the Developers section of the Economy-x-Talk homepage. This traps the  
errorDialog message and shows a different error windows but also  
allows you to parse and display your own error messages, even if your  
stacks are protected by a password.

Best regards,



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Op 28-dec-2006, om 20:07 heeft Andre Garzia het volgende geschreven:

> Folks,
> can someone try locking the error dialogs inside the IDE in 2.7.5.  
> I am trying here and it simply does not work. The built-in dialog  
> box for error keeps poping up and my call is ignored.
> cheers
> andre

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