someone tested "lock error dialogs" in 2.7.5?

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Thu Dec 28 14:48:17 EST 2006


I have my own EasyDebug CGI Library that I use for trapping error. I  
was trying to make RevHTTP transcript webserver work with this  
library, that's why I can't have the IDE throwing a dialog, I need it  
running even if some error happen. I plan to make some announcements  
today... (If it ever works...)

try/catch blocks still work so, so far, so good. If you can't fix it,  
then hack it!


On Dec 28, 2006, at 5:41 PM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Andre,
> You're right, either locking error dialogs no longer works or there  
> is something very confusing about this. The documentation about the  
> errorDialog message says:
> If the lockErrorDialogs property is true, the errorDialog message  
> is sent to the object that set the lockErrorDialogs., rather than  
> to the object whose script contained the error. (The  
> lockErrorDialogs can be set to true either by setting the property  
> directly, or with the lock error dialogs command.)
> while the entry on lock error dialogs says:
> Sets the lockErrorDialogs property to true, preventing the error  
> window from being displayed when an execution error occurs.
> In any case, if you trap the errorDialog message and don't pass it  
> on, you can prevent Rev's error dialog from popping up.
> Btw, you could also try the errorLib library, which is available  
> from the Developers section of the Economy-x-Talk homepage. This  
> traps the errorDialog message and shows a different error windows  
> but also allows you to parse and display your own error messages,  
> even if your stacks are protected by a password.
> Best regards,
> Mark
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> Op 28-dec-2006, om 20:07 heeft Andre Garzia het volgende geschreven:
>> Folks,
>> can someone try locking the error dialogs inside the IDE in 2.7.5.  
>> I am trying here and it simply does not work. The built-in dialog  
>> box for error keeps poping up and my call is ignored.
>> cheers
>> andre
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