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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Dec 28 10:05:43 EST 2006

Robert John Warren wrote:
> One of Rev's great characteristics is its portability. A Rev standalone 
> doesn't need a setup. If you create an app in Windows, you can easily 
> load up the same project in Macintosh, create a new standalone, and 
> provided no adjustments to the handling of the file system are needed, 
> the app will run just as well on Mac as it does on Windows. Great!
> But, to use a phrase I know Dan loves, there is a fly in the ointment. 
> The Windows file system is different to the Macintosh file system is 
> different to the Linux file system is different to the ..... So if your 
> app makes heavy use of the file system, to run it anywhere, you either 
> have to make it detect and adjust to the specific operating system it is 
> running on, or you have to produce different versions of the app for use 
> on different operating systems. Damn!
> Please correct me if I am wrong. 

The differences between operating systems extends beyond the vendors' 
choice to avoid adopting a universal file system.  Transcript's platform 
function lets you determine where it's running at any given time before 
attempting something unique to a given OS.

Was there a specific issue in that which we might be able to provide a 
solution for?

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