Removing a stack from memory - is this a bug?

Phil Davis revdev at
Wed Dec 27 13:02:30 EST 2006

Hey David -

Does your stack have a closeStackRequest or shutdownRequest handler? If so, I 
suppose that could prevent a clean delete, since delete would (I assume) close 
the stack. (Haven't tried it though.)

Phil Davis

David Bovill wrote:
> Yes - that dialogue is a nightmare.
> Constellation has a nice viewer for all the stacks and their states - but
> this is not an issue of organising as far as I can tell - it is simply not
> possible to delete this stack...
>  delete stack "View|Movie|Player"
> Closes the stack but does not remve it from memory - it is still loaded. 
> All
> the destroy properties are set right (not that that should matter with
> destroy)...
> It is something that has happened before - so Id like to get to the bottom
> of it. Most probably quitting and restarting Rev will fix it - but then I
> loose the why it wont work thing.
> I got a strage clue in the message box:
>  delete stack
> Seems it may be the name?

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