drawers in Tiger

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Thu Dec 21 17:06:39 EST 2006

Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Jacque,
> Thanks for trying. I understood you were not looking at resizing at 
> first, but I just thought that one shouldn't claim the drawers bug 
> fixed, yet.

I don't think I said that, or at least I didn't mean to imply it. I was 
only addressing the sliding behavior, which was fixed. I didn't know 
about the resizing issue.

> That brings me to the question whether it is a bug. In my opinion, if 
> the same window behaves differently only dependent on its position 
> relative to the main window, I call that an inconsistency and thus a bug.

Probably, since I just tried a resizestack handler and it doesn't work 
very well either. So yes, it needs attention in the engine.

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