Internet Enabled Desktop Apps Alive and Well

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Dec 19 05:57:06 EST 2006

This is a holiday stocking gift for Richard, who can say: "I told you
so..." (smile) Nothing new, but worth noting:

We just got a new Nikon Cool Pix camera that takes video, has a steady
cam, macro and tons more features. Half an inch thick... hold it in the
palm of your hand. Delivers .mov clips by wireless to your desk top ready to
open  in iMovie...Amazing.

I could not resist sharing here that when I installed their download
software...  Nikon made a decision that instead of driving people to the
browser, they would deposit on the users HD an internet enabled Desktop 
application they
call the "Nikon Message Center," which looks for all the world like a
really ugly Rev app that talks to their main server about
updates, product lists etc.

I can hear the discussion in Tokyo: "Aso!, let's forget about building
browser based web applications... what a pain in our Japanese ** , let's
just make our own UI to talk to our servers.... it's so *easy* and user 

Could they wipe out my hard drive? Yes. Am I worried, No....

They could have at least hired Tereza to put a few cherry blossoms on 
the GUI...

Happy Solstice Celebrations!


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