Geometry No Longer Supported?

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Dec 19 00:03:02 EST 2006

Is the Geometry Editor no long supported?

I used to do my own geometry and then tried using rev's Geometry and
thought it was pretty "cool" and did a few stacks with that as my tool.
Now I see it doesn't appear in the 2.7 menus.

Then in Galaxy it appears the custom prop with Rev Geometry got
clobbered and my stack controls are "all over the place" and I'm
stuck... how do I clear that? if it's no longer supported, fine, I'll
write my own handlers but for the moment I just need to get the current
"went insane" geometry out of the stack.

I turned on Rev show rev props in the UI, but all I see is something
called "Master" in the custom props set to "true"

I deleted that... after removing Galaxy I used rev application broswer to
select objects (now sent way off screen to crazy locations like
top=2012...) So I have everything back in the main window of the card,
but some objects are still resizing in ways I am unable to edit or
control... I would revert to an earlier version, but I put a lot of work
into an upgrade today...




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