Help. How do you insert a custom icon into your standalone?

Bill Marriott wjm at
Thu Dec 14 16:52:30 EST 2006

Oh, I'm not sure about that. If you look at the free and commercial icon 
editors mentioned, you'll see there's quite a bit to them beyond simply 
resizing a PNG. An embedded field where you could drag an image would be 
convenient, but it would probably result in poor-quality icons at the 
smaller sizes and bit depths.

But, you might want to file the enhancement request in Bugzilla anyway :)

<Roger.E.Eller at> wrote in message 
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> On 12/14/2006 at 10:03 AM, Mark Swindell wrote:
>> Wouldn't it be nice if the standalone builder itself had the option
>> of an icon field into which one simply dragged the image file that
>> one wanted to use for the application icon and Rev itself, via
>> whatever extension magic necessary, created icon sets for Windows, OS
>> X, and Linux... on the fly?
> That would be a most excellent use of RunTime resources. Normally,
> eye-candy and similar features are 'last' on my list of wants/needs, but
> the creation and application of an icon for executables is a pain even
> with professional utilities. I would like to see an icon block in the
> standalone builder that we could just paste an image into (like Macs have
> for setting an icon). It would be preferable to have it work for all
> supported OSs.
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