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Mon Dec 11 19:48:58 EST 2006

Mark and Lynn,

I think my original thoughts to him were something similar to this. 
This would have been doable.

Apparently he has created a bIackjack variation that he wants to 
peddle to casinos.  And he needs a medium to peddle it.  A bIackjack 
game he can use to demonstrate the variation.  Mine fits this model 

  But he also wants the casinos, if they wish, to be able to let their 
players downIoad the game to practice the variation.  I'm not sure 
how this would translate into money for him, or me.  I know of no 
casino charging for downIoads.  They peddle free versions to mirror 
their real casino games, to entice folks to bet for real.

And the way my game works regarding trial versus full version, is one 
of the things you get when you buy it is the ability to play the 
variations.  So the ability to play variations and change the casino 
rules in the game is what entices people to buy it from me.

Our goals would be at full odds against each other.

I am still in dialog with the fella.  If he can do this in such a way 
that my registration system retains it's integrity and I am in full 
charge of unlocking it, as both you and Lynn said, I would consider 


>I do this with one of my products with great success.  Each branded 
>version shares the same engine, but has a unique interface while 
>others share a similar interface.  My main thought is to be able to 
>control the distribution.  You do not have to be the one that moves 
>the product, just the one that allows it to work.  You can do this 
>with your registration system.  It sounds like it could all be 
>controlled over the net.
>Good luck with this endeavor!
>Mark Talluto

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