Beginning Programming for Dummies 4th edn

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Sat Dec 9 21:35:28 EST 2006

Dan Shafer wrote:
> Jerry,
> On 12/9/06, Jerry Muelver <jerry at> wrote:
> The ultimate cost of NOT having
>> the proper learning tools has to be staggeringly higher than the cost of
>> developing them.
>> ---- Jerry Muelver
>> ______________
> Apparently RR disagrees. Although I think they have been trying really hard
> with their latest round of in-house docs and they've been supportive of my
> efforts when I've made them.

Dan, I was thinking more of the cost to the programmer, actually. 
Billing out at $60/hr, it doesn't take long to make back one's 
investment in programming guides and tutorials in terms of the time 
saved by not having to reinvent flint-chipping, or list-box displaying 
to choose a card from a stack. Still, programming book authoring may not 
be the shortcut to fame to and fortune that it's cracked up to be. My 
wife, after suffering with me through what we know refer to as "the book 
years", points out that J. K. Rowling has done quite well without 
dirtying her hands with coding examples and syntax formatting, and that 
the leap from computer languages to unabashed outright fiction is 
conceptually not really all that far, and a heckuva lot more lucrative....

---- Jerry Muelver

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