Beginning Programming for Dummies 4th edn

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Sat Dec 9 20:49:30 EST 2006


On 12/9/06, Jerry Muelver <jerry at> wrote:

The ultimate cost of NOT having
> the proper learning tools has to be staggeringly higher than the cost of
> developing them.
> ---- Jerry Muelver
> ______________

Apparently RR disagrees. Although I think they have been trying really hard
with their latest round of in-house docs and they've been supportive of my
efforts when I've made them.

OH, and for Adrian's benefit: Vols II & III were killed a long time ago in
favor of the release of smaller eBooks focused on specific topics. I've done
four of these, started a fifth, and then got bogged down in
honest-to-goodness paying work that doesn't involve programming or Rev.
Maybe someday....

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