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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Dec 9 17:08:33 EST 2006

Hi Adrian,

Klaus has given useful advice already, but I want to add the  
following. You might want to set the filetype before saving a text file:

set the filetype to "ttxtTEXT"
put fld 1 into url "file:/~folder/file.txt"

If you are making a small application or a stack of which you don't  
know whether it will include the internet library, you could also use  
the oldfashioned write statement:

set the filetype to "XCELTEXT"
put "~/folder/file.txt" into myFile
open file myFile for write
write fld 1 to file myFile
close file myFile

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Op 9-dec-2006, om 17:06 heeft Adrian Williams het volgende geschreven:

> On the subject of Saving...  can anyone give me some pointers about
> how to Save text from a field into a file with the extension .txt  
> for example?
> The docs don't explicitly have anything about 'Save'.
> Thanks,
> Adrian
> ______________

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