Make an Object "Wander"

Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at
Fri Dec 8 00:50:58 EST 2006

  I am designing a program is the Tactical station for a Star Trek-type
simulator. It has 10 of buttons in a grid.  These buttons represent other
ships outside of our ship.  The kid working the station targets the contact
by tracing the mouse over it for a while (not very difficult, it has to be
operated by a 5th grader of any intelligence).  Right now the target picks a
random loc, moves there, then picks another loc.  It is supposed to look
like they are just drifting in space a little, but it looks really lame
right now because they move in such perfectly straight lines.  Does anybody
have any ideas to make them randomly wander inside of the grid?  I would
like to have it run as a background task so the move command doesn't tie
things up.   It would also be cool if the speed they moved at varied a
little.  Much appreciated.


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