Fun Project: xTalk GUID Generator

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Fri Dec 1 17:32:51 EST 2006

On 12/1/06 3:08 PM, "Todd Geist" <tg_lists at> wrote:

> I know the point is to build one with xTalk, but you can doit with
> Shell on the mac and this VBS on the PC
> set x = createobject("Scriptlet.TypeLib")
> CreateGUID=left(x.GUID,38)
> Can you run a VBScript from Revolution?

Absolutely! See:

About the middle of the page...

The downside is that certain virus software (like Norton) will stop a VBS
file from running if it thinks it's potentially going to do some damage.
Anything that touches Scripting.FileSystemObject will trigger it, and it
turns out that this triggers it as well.

However, it can easily be wrapped in a VB DLL to bypass the trigger...

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