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Hi Richard,

Scott's right. Chris tells me it is too difficult to create an easy to use
USB driver. The reason is the data you receive is binary and there is huge
amounts of it. So, for each device, you would need to write your own bit
parser and figure out the data stream, effectively doing a lot of the work.
Someone like Chris could do it, but for us to put a 'USB driver' out there
would certainly overwhelm us with support requests.



On 12/1/06, Scott Rossi <scott at> wrote:
> Recently, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> > What's the final word on addressing USB devices in Rev?
> Not sure there is one.
> Last I saw, Chipp and Company stated it wouldn't be happening on their end
> as it was too difficult a project to undertake, and I haven't seen anyone
> else step up.  Maybe this is a job for the Scots...
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