Success with Sending email without a SMTP Server!!!!

sims sims at
Mon Jan 31 00:27:31 EST 2005

At 3:26 PM -0800 1/30/05, Dan Shafer wrote:
>My mistrake. (I hate when that happens!) I see you're not using 
>revMail at all. So libEmail and libSMTP allow me to send email with 
>HTML formatted contents and attachments. I just need to go see how 
>they'll interact with this little script. I suspect this won't be 
>difficult at all.
Everybody's Favorite Brazil Nut (aka Andre Garcia) strikes again!


Did you use Shao Sean's extremely most excellent code for this?
Also, won't some servers (a very small percentage in my experience) 
still require authentication?
Shao Sean also worked quite hard to come up with an auth capability.

Both have capabilities far beyond mine - I would not characterize 
both as a "Nut",
perhaps one is a "Brazil Nut" ...the best kind of nut.    ;-)


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