Databasing with Rev... design considerations

docmann docmann at
Sun Jan 30 20:35:50 EST 2005

Now that the mySQL version of my first Rev app has proven to work so
well (thanks to all who helped me out!), I'm trying to get my head
wrapped around the process of building a "static" version. By stactic,
I mean non-server based, for folks who have slow (or no) internet

The app requires 4 tables of data, the largest of which has 10 fields
and around 25,000 records when complete. This app basically functions
as a searchable lookup table and will not be editable by the user, nor
do I wish for the user to have access to the data other than from
within my application.

The simplest method I can think of is to somehow store and use CSV
data files (exported from the mySQL version) from a separate stack,
but I unfortunately don't have a clue as to how to set something like
this up.

What might be the best approach here?


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