Problems using DreamCard

Jim Lyons jimlyons at
Sun Jan 30 11:08:41 EST 2005

I use Rev 2.5 on Mac OS 10.3

I made a simple stack in Revolution Studio and saved it. I quit Rev and 
opened my stack in DreamCard to make sure everything worked; it did. 
Then I copied the stack and my copy of DreamCard onto a CD and took it 
over to my friend's Mac (OS 10.3.7). I copied both to her disk and 
opened the stack. I got the following surprises:

1. The previous and next arrows I used from the Rev image library were 
blank. The buttons worked, but had no icons. (These were the only icons 

2. A palette stack with one field no longer scales the field when the 
window is resized. I used the Geometry Manager to do the scaling.

3. The menus look OK and all work except for the one that uses "answer" 
to confirm deleting a card. Nothing happens when that item is selected.

4. I change the cursor to "hand" over one special (locked) field. 
Instead of the hand, on her machine I get the watch.

All three of these things work fine on my machine *using my DreamCard*. 
I just checked again. I haven't begun to dig into this, make some other 
tests, etc. Can anyone shed light on what might be happening? I can 
probably work around all these by making my own player (I hope!) but I 
am mystified why this works with my player on my machine but not on 

A related question: Is there any documentation or tips or warnings 
about designing stacks to be used with DreamCard? I couldn't find any 
in the Docs or RevOnline. Thanks for any help.

Jim Lyons

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