even worse trouble with libURL...

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Sat Jan 29 21:25:11 EST 2005

On 1/29/05 12:32 PM, "Andre Garzia" <soapdog at mac.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I am trying some put URL commands here on the message box and receiving
> weird results...
> put URL "http://www.yahoo.com"  -- works.
> put URL "http://www.altavista.com"  -- works.
> put URL "http://www.mac.com"  -- don't work, returns empty, nothing.
> put URL "http://www.soapdog.org"  -- don't work, and I know my site is
> there.

I got the same results, but I also noticed that going to "www.soapdog.org"
bounced me to "http://homepage.mac.com/soapdog/studio/", which *does* work
with "put URL".

Same thing with "mac.com", which bounced me to
"http://www.mac.com/WebObjects/Welcome", which also worked. So there's
something having to do with the redirect, I guess...

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
Web site: http://www.sonsothunder.com/
Email: kray at sonsothunder.com

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