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Andre Garzia soapdog at
Sat Jan 29 15:14:28 EST 2005


I am at 2.5 release... after rebooting the machine libURL started to 
behave better.... guess what there's a strange thing with XML-RPC lib, 
the one that taps into revXML that taps into libURL anyway. For example 
revXMLRPC_CreateRequest is a handler, but if you call it as if it is a 
function by using parenthesis, it will not return an error, it will 
return fine, but it will never work and the errors will be related to 
libURL... heck.... no xmlrpcerr: something, but things like "socket 
timeout" and stuff. I always thought that if you call a handler using a 
function call it would never reach it's destination. strange.... very 


On Jan 29, 2005, at 6:07 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> I agree it needs to be there, and have cc'd the webmaster here to 
> bring it to his attention.
> I don't have the URL to the libURL docs handy, but the version 
> dependency is the latest version of libURL requires Rev v2.5 or later. 
> The dependency occured because of support for Rev 2.5's new security 
> options.
> Oddly, though, I have seen come cases where libURL will work with 
> older versions, so there are clearly a lot of things about this 
> version dependency that I don't understand.  Perhaps David Cragg can 
> chime in here to fill in the blanks....
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