What do most Rev developers do?

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at genesearch.com.au
Thu Jan 27 19:47:35 EST 2005

> Are most of you using it for educational software, or to help with
> projects at a large company, or for independent programming for small
> businesses?
> Just curious,
> Jonathan
Like a lot of people here, I started off with HyperCard (well, I 
started long before HyperCard and have used Basic, C, even Fortran!). 
HyperCard's ease of use and massive increase in productivity convinced 
me that this was the way to go. As an example, a colleague wrote a 
program in 6 months. I re-wrote it in HyperCard in 8 days.

When Apple started losing interest in HyperCard, I started looking for 
alternatives. MetaCard was powerful, but not Mac enough for me. I tried 
RealBasic which was good, but going back to that sort of programming 
was a real step backwards for productivity. Then Revolution came along 
with the power of MetaCard but a Mac interface. WooHoo!

I use it for everything: home, work, hobby etc. Work is a small 
business that uses custom software intensively. I have written programs 
for process control, kiosks, packing rooms, mailouts, email processing. 
As well there are small utilities that provide a better interface to 
commercial applications, text-processing utilities etc. I think that 
most businesses really need customized software but they either don't 
realize this or don't know how to go about it, so they struggle on 
using software that was written to do everything OK but nothing really 

At home, I chart my golf scores (not always a good thing), publish my 
photos, document a friend's wine cellar and various other things.


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