What do most Rev developers do?

Martin Baxter martin at materiaprima.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Jan 27 17:06:51 EST 2005

>I have a question for you guys:
>What do you do?

I am what you might call a micro-business, making websites and "whatever
you want, sir", one foot in graphics and the other in coding.

I have so far used RR to re-create the software I use in my business to
generate websites. This is now a complex app that I "ported" from an
earlier version made in Hypercard. It was a lot of work converting the HC
app in this particular case, since it had to be radically rewritten and
remain able to deal with legacy data that itself needed to have new formats
to accomodate new features. Of course at the same time I had to also keep
the financial boat afloat using the age-ing original version until the new
app was complete enough to cope with the existing data. Perhaps it was a
bit of a mad project from a purely "rational" perspective, but anyway I got
it done in the end and it is now deployed. The new version is a
"revelation" in speed terms compared to its predecessor.
So it took a while but RR is now finally earning its keep, and I'm into a
more interesting period of looking to future developments.

In the past 25 years I've made a variety of software for other people to
use, but never for public release. Probably I'm a "competent" programmer
but certainly not a "professional". I confess that I do sometimes fantasise
about one day releasing my wonderful application to wild acclaim, but
mostly just use those daydreams to motivate myself to write it to a higher
standard of finish and usablitity than is strictly necessary for my
personal use.

(I use the word "daydreams" advisedly because I have shown this application
to a couple of people who both failed to grasp anything very much about it,
even after hours of exhausting explanation.
So in reality I guess I'm on my own with this one;-)

Martin Baxter

Software at the speed of whose thoughts though ? Not Mine ? Oh dear.

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