Disappearing Mouse!!??

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Thu Jan 27 14:27:11 EST 2005

J. Landman Gay wrote:

> On 1/27/05 11:54 AM, Alex Tweedly wrote:
> >
> > The recipe is "every stack I've tried does this" - but that's 
> already in
> > the report.
> >
> > If you have a recipe that doesn't exhibit this behaviour on WinXP,
> > please let me know and we can try to eliminate differences.
> The key I was missing was that double-clicking a stack to lauch the 
> app causes the problem. In the support requests we've received, none 
> of the people specified that they were doing that, which is why I 
> couldn't reproduce it (because I always have Rev running, I was 
> testing by opening stacks from the File menu.) Now that I know the 
> cause, I've entered it into the bug report and we should be all set.

That's unfortunate. That aspect is pretty clearly described in 2138 (at 
least, I think it is, but since I wrote it, I'm probably biased about 
how "clearly" it is written :-)

I think what this shows is a problem due to Bugzilla being rather poor 
at helping people to find "related" or "similar" bug reports. This 
thread has mentioned 4 or 5 reports (and I know there are at two more 
not mentioned in this thread) which are somehow related - though there 
are (at a guess) at least two distinct underlying problems.

I strongly suspect that if you had read 2138 at the same time as you 
read some of the other reports, it would  have been clear (or at least 
clearer) that this was the way to reproduce the problem.

Possible ways to alleviate this Bugzilla problem ?
   - clearer guidelines (help) on choosing the component
   - perhaps more components, with finer granularity
   - a policy that all bugs submitted should be reviewed (and 
reclassified into the right component)
          (either use a new category, so they move from "initial" to 
"unconfirmed" at this point, so that the submitter
            knows it has been looked at)
   - perhaps a "keyword" scheme (e.g. if these reports had all had 
keyword "cursor" it would help to correlate them).

Thanks for being patient with me today - I'm sorry if my frustration has 
been showing.
-- Alex.

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