Windows settings: volume & front app

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 26 20:40:35 EST 2005

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> There have been some threads in the past about these Windows settings 
> and I can't find that a good solution has been found for either of them:
> System volume: is it possible to read &/or set the system volume in 
> Windows XP?
> Bringing an application to the front: Has anyone worked out how to do 
> this in XP?
> In Mac OS X, I do both these using AppleScript, but I need to make one 
> particular app cross-platform, so I need Windows specific replacements 
> for these AppleScripts. I am quite happy to restrict it to XP only, 
> although something that worked for older systems would be an advantage.

I think you may find the answer to both of those at Ken's Rev Tips and 
Tricks page at

The site is framed or I'd give you the URL to that resource -- Ken, do 
you have a direct URL for that?

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