Simple tutorial on linktext and clicking list text

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Wed Jan 26 17:30:50 EST 2005

Hi Steve,

Nicholas supplied you with the info for using clickChunks, but here is 
some additional stuff on using linktext.
- enter your text in a field
- select a chunk that you want to make into a link
- go to the Text menu and set it's style to "Link"
- if you are using the default settings, the text will go blue & 
underlined, like the link on a web page.
- when you have finished setting all the links you want, lock the text 
of the field
- edit the script of field to include a linkClicked handler e.g.

on linkClicked pLink
   -- pLink contains the complete text of the clicked link
   if pLink contains "@" then
	revMail pLink
   else if pLink contains "http" then
	revGoUrl pLink
	-- do something else
   end if
end linkClicked

As a further refinement, you can make the linkText of a selected chunk 
into something other than it's text.
Suppose you wanted a link to Google. In your field, type the single 
word "Google" and set it's style to Link
In the MessageBox, type: set the linkText of word 1 of fld "MyField" to 
and press Enter.
When the field is locked and you click on Google, the parameter passed 
to the linkClicked handler will actually be ""


On 26 Jan 2005, at 8:21 pm, Stephen Van Esch wrote:

> Folks:
> I'm new to Revolution and I'd like basic, step-by-step
> instructions on making text in a field clickable. I've
> gone through the Rev docs but can't seem to get
> anything to work.
> Please note that I have never attempted this type of
> thing before so some things that may be obvious aren't
> for me. For example, when I enter code, where exactly
> do I enter it? As a card, object, or stack script?
> Sorry for the annoyance. I've managed to build a
> simple stack using buttons but I'd prefer to use links
> and clickcable lists if possible.
> Thanks.
> Steve
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