RAD contest...;-)

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
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I believe a full featured word processor would be quite possible. It
would require a substantial amount of scripting, but it would be more
time consuming than difficult.

The issue comes down to how we think of fields. If we want the ability
to manipulate every single character as if it were an object - then the
basic "field" in a word processing program would actually need to be a
group, containing a background field that is used for all of the
background and border issues, and a separate field for each character
that is placed on top of the background field as it is typed in.

Yes, it would require that every single text field function be scripted,
including navigation keys, selecting text - all of that. Thus, working
out the script for one of these pseudo-fields (lets call them Xfields
just 'cause X is a fun letter) would take a bit of time.

However, once scripted, you would have them and be able to do anything
you want with them. This means you could have functionalities built into
them that go far beyond what standard word processors do. ('cept, I
still cannot see a way to do high-quality rotated text) Kerning would be
easy. Center, left, right, and full-line alignment would be but a few
lines of code. Overlapping characters - no problem. Making the
characters wrap around pictures, or conform to the boundaries of a
picture would be a little more challenging, but still quite possible.

Xfields would take up a fair bit of memory, so that would be a
disadvantage. But memory is not so much of a problem on most systems
these days.

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While you are correct in your assumption that a full-featured Word 
Processing program is not currently possible in RunRev, I have written a

pretty snappy script/html/css editor which can be found at:


It's not yet final, so some of the menus don't work correctly on Macs, 
but it 'gets the job done.'

The support for drag and drop and colorized script formatting is one of 
the cooler parts of HTMLgadget.



> Peter T. Evensen wrote:
>> It is not easy to create a Word Processing program in Revolution.  
>> Each edit field only has one alignment style, one set of tabs, etc.  
>> So the only way to have separate paragraph styles is to have multiple

>> edit fields and flow between them.
>> As to why would someone want to create a word processing program?  
>> Simple: as an educational software publisher, we are developing a 
>> number of titles that call for a word processing program that
>> guided writing instruction.  We need to have tight integration and 
>> control of the word processor, and also keep it appropriate for the 
>> grade level.
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