Cannot access Rev-Online (was RAD Challenge)

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Jan 24 23:28:28 EST 2005

As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time with proxy servers 
and firewalls, I can tell you there is no 'easy' answer. Altuit has 
written it's own NTLM externals to allow RR to get through M$ proxy 
servers, and we've worked hand in hand with the talented Dave Cragg to 
help implement some other authentication schemes. But, it's not easy to 
do and certainly not a feature which 'just works everytime.'

I might suggest cutting RR a break here. If you're like many an 
enterprise, not only does RR not work, but neither does streaming video, 
audio and other 'non-standard' port calls.



Kevin Miller wrote:
> On 24/1/05 3:14 pm, "Roger.E.Eller at"
> <Roger.E.Eller at> wrote:
>>As major corporations tighten their internet security, RunRev needs to
>>support all authentication methods. As it stands, the learning center is
>>not accessible for me even though we have paid for it with the Enterprise
>>license fee. I have reported this to Bugzilla many many months ago
>>(bug#1962 - opened on 8/10/2004). I have heard nothing since. Do I also
>>need to contact support at even though it is in bugzilla?
> You're the only person who has reported this problem.  As such we are
> looking into it, but unfortunately it can't be top priority.  I note that
> you have had two follow ups to this issue, one from Heather than another
> from Mark W (who asked you a question to which I don't see a response on
> file).  There is no need to follow up with support for something that is in
> the bug database.  Thanks for your continued patience.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin

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