The real Challenge for every development platform

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Mon Jan 24 13:45:23 EST 2005

>  > So I converted about 1/2 of my original HyperTalk
>>  book into volume 1 of "Software at the Speed of
>>  Thought." It took about four times as much 
>>  time and energy as I'd originally anticipated.
>You must not work alone in this book.
>In fact, if i were you, you must work as editor
>of contents produced by long time users of
>this platform. In this way, the book will be
>finished in months, not years.

I second what Alejandro says. Revolution is too multifaceted. Have 
you looked at the efforts of Adam Engst with his "Take Control" 
eBooks? I think this model would work quite well for Revolution. You 
would write whatever you feel comfortable with / worth your personal 
time, whereas others would contribute eBooks in their area of 
expertise. We do have some people who are true experts in specific 
areas, be it QuickTime, database usage, interface programming, 
multimedia, etc etc.

Robert Brenstein

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