RAD contest...;-)

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It is not easy to create a Word Processing program in Revolution.  Each 
edit field only has one alignment style, one set of tabs, etc.  So the only 
way to have separate paragraph styles is to have multiple edit fields and 
flow between them.

As to why would someone want to create a word processing program?  Simple: 
as an educational software publisher, we are developing a number of titles 
that call for a word processing program that provided guided writing 
instruction.  We need to have tight integration and control of the word 
processor, and also keep it appropriate for the grade level.

A fuller-featured edit field, that supported paragraph styles would go a 
long way to allowing this functionality.

Since Revolution isn't quite up to this task, it looks like we will be 
developing these titles in Java.

At 12:17 PM 1/21/2005, you wrote:
>I should think that creating a word processing program in RR should not
>be a problem - nor would creating an excel like program.
>I am not sure there would be much value to doing so - since those
>programs already exist - but I think pretty much all of the standard
>functionalities found in those programs could be duplicated in RR, as
>well a host of other things they do not have.
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> > It seems to me a more significant contest between the two systems
> > be to assign the same project to two very experienced developers with
> > each development environment, and see who gets it finished quicker.
> > -- I think after 20yrs...I should be able to make at least in FULL:
>      1. MacWrite 1.0 -- word processing
>      2. MacPaint 1.0 -- bitmap editing
>      3. MacDraw 1.0 -- vector editing
>      4. Excel 1.0 -- number processing
>In either RB or RR...so show me which RAD tool is up to the challage! :)
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