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Mon Jan 24 11:50:03 EST 2005

On 24/1/05 8:17 am, "Dan Shafer" <revdan at> wrote:

> Clearly Kevin and I need to do something to resolve this problem. Due
> to recent staffing changes and illness on RunREv's part, I've been
> holding off making any decision or announcing anything but hopefully
> you'll see something soon.
> I am absolutely open to any great ideas for how to turn Rev books into
> some potentially meaningful business

Hi Dan,

Please don't get discouraged!

Success, it seems, is in the eye of the beholder.

Software at the Speed of Thought, from where we sit and the point of view of
many happy purchasers, is a great success. It is also a great foundation for
the next stage in the process.

Discussion of and plans for the next stage are under way with Ro Nagey but
have been unfortunately interrupted by his illness. I'm happy to report that
he is now recovering well from heart surgery and is expected out of hospital
soon. As has been said before on this list, Runtime are a small team and
there is very little redundancy in the staff, so illness in a key player in
a matter of such strategic importance is quite crucial and leads to delays.

There are many possible ways forward for this effort, and together we will
find the best one.

Kind regards,


P.S. Those who wish to send get well messages to Ro, should do so to
ro at, rather than clogging up the list.

Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
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