RAD Challenge

rev at armbase.com rev at armbase.com
Mon Jan 24 10:06:30 EST 2005

Quoting Kevin Miller <kevin at runrev.com>:
> >I would not expect to pay for the video to build a
> > menu. I woudl pay for one to have a demo reamework for certain apps like
> > databases, ftp, web servers etc. BUT not a menubuilder.
> >
> > Mind you I can always ask here. :-)
> The advanced learning pack is free with Studio.  If you can't access it,
> please contact support at runrev.com.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin

Dear Kevin.

I'm really sorry for moaning. I didn't realise that this was the case and I'm
sorry for the confusion and having a  cheap-shot.

You have my permissoin to jump in the car- go along the M8 to Glasgow and slap
me about the head a bit. OK!!!!!! ONly Joking on the last bit.

Bob: Sunny Glasgow

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