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This is actually quite straightforward.  Here's how I would attack the 

1) set up a dummy page on my web server that would 1) collect data 
POST-ed it to it 2) save it to a text file, and 3) return a text string 

2) in my RR app, I would build the POST using all the required credit 
card fields as described by the vendor

3) next I would open a connection (just a standard http connection, not 
a https connection) to my web server page (see above) and POST the 
credit card data.  I should get back the "OK" string.

4) Then I'd check the text file on my web server...did all the POST 
data arrive?  If it didn't, I'd fix things until it worked.  Once it 
works then I know that my app is posting all the required data 

5) Now I'd send that same data using a https connection to the credit 
card processor test page (I'm sure they have one that allows you to 
post test data).

6) Did I get the required response back?  Did the transaction appear in 
their database?

7) Done

Good luck,
-- Frank

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> We've received a bit more information on this issue of processing a
> credit card transaction directly from Rev, and I'm hoping someone here
> can help interpret it. Please shed any light you can. This response
> comes from the folks at e-Onlinedata / Thanks. Richard
> Miller
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> Richard,
> Take a look at our documentation page
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