[ANN] Rotater Manipulator

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 23 15:25:38 EST 2005

Hi Developers,

The stack "Rotater Manipulator" uses a single 
vector graphic too, to draw a 3d object in the card:

Download the stack from:


This is an adaptation of the HC stack of Alexander
Thomas that you could download from his website.
Alexander Thomas gave his permission to publicy 
post this stack, so i'll be adding a link in my 
webpage for it. :-)

I've added 3D matrix math to make the transformations
faster and included the "Live" option
suggested by Jim Hurley. 

Use this "Live" option ONLY with models of a few 
lines like the cube and some simple shapes like 
the Fighter and the Tank.

Read the Help card (second card)
of this stack by clicking the
Yellow button with a Question symbol.

I've invited Alexander Thomas to test RunRev 
by himself and visit us in the mail list.


Alexander Thomas wrote:

Thanks for keeping these stacks alive. 
I unfortunately don't have the 
time nowadays to work on them anymore, 
So I'm glad someone does the effort to update 
the stacks for new platforms. 
You have my permission to port any of the 
stacks to Revolution or MetaCard 
(at the condition that my name is not 
removed from them of course :)

Visit my site:

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